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Man it’s been a year. I’m exhausted.  Exactly one year ago we took Johnny in for his autism evaluation. It was nerve wrecking and intimidating.  The next month, five days before Christmas, my husband and I went on date night to see Star Wars. On the drive home, we got a call that Johnny hadContinue reading “Thankful”

Christmas List

Today we made a Christmas list! It’s something I always did as a child, and always imagined doing with my kids. Earlier in the day I made some with my daughter and nephew, but didn’t think Johnny would be interested. When he got home from therapy I gave it as an option to earn TVContinue reading “Christmas List”

Hello Darkness

It’s no secret being a mom is hard. I think it once was a secret, but it isn’t any longer. Too many of us blabbing about it on the internet. It’s a different kind of hard than I thought though.  Mothering is a paradoxical life event. An ability I was born with. A biological andContinue reading “Hello Darkness”

Where were you?

I didn’t know you. We were always together,  I fed you from my body, then my hands,  I bathed you, I changed you, I’ve always loved you. But you were somewhere else. Where were you? My son Johnny is now five years old. He is autistic. And I feel like I did not really know him forContinue reading “Where were you?”


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